Gary Hudson

President, Hudson & Associates



Founder and President of Hudson & Associates: Founded in 1984, Hudson & Associates is a business consulting firm that advises businesses in the horticultural industry on strategic planning, management issues, and market plan development and implementation. Hudson has helped clients worldwide achieve success in business growth and improved profitability. His past and current clients include numerous greenhouses, nurseries, and plant breeding companies, such as Clackamas Greenhouses, Talmage Farm, Manatee Fruit, Dramm & Echter, Mainland Nursery, California Crop Improvement Association, Monsanto, Sakata Seeds, Paul Ecke Ranch, and Yoder Brothers, Inc.

In addition to consulting in the horticulture industry, Hudson is a frequent speaker on business, marketing, and strategic planning methods. Recent speaking engagements include the Society of American Florist (SAF), the Ohio Florists Association (OFA), the American Marketing Association, the Produce Marketing Association, the Mid Atlantic Horticultural Short Course, the Mid-America Horticultural Show, and the Ohio State University Nursery Short Course.

He has also served on the board of several companies and many trade associations. He is recipient of the Professional Plant Grower’s Association International Award and the Award of Excellence. In 1995, he was elected to the American Academy of Floriculture. Hudson is a strong supporter of horticultural research and outreach at UC Davis. He serves on the Dean’s Advisory Council in the College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences, on the Advisory Council for the Seed Biotechnology Center, and is the Advisory Board Chairman of the California Center for Urban Horticulture. He is a director and past President of the Sacramento Entrepreneurship Academy.