Buddy Hubbert

CEO, Public Consulting Group

Email: bhubbert@hubbertsystems.com
Web site: www.hubbertsystems.com


I was born and raised in Sacramento. I attended the University of California at Berkeley, majoring in Economics and Political Science. After graduating, I moved up to Lake Tahoe for a year to work as a vehicle placement engineer in the parking lot at Squaw Valley. I had one of those big foam fingers you see in the stands at football games.

In 1985, I began working for Electronic Data Systems as a Systems Engineer. In my six years with EDS, I gained the technical and industry expertise necessary to begin my own technical consulting company. Hubbert Systems Consulting, Inc. was incorporated in 1991 to provide expert technical and management consulting services. Our expertise and strength was in the health care field, and in 2000, we dedicated the company to focus exclusively on clients in the health care industry.

Hubbert Systems now employs twenty –two full time professionals dedicated to advancing the business of health care. Our mission is to advance the business of health care through the synthesis of people, processes, and technology. We have provided consulting services for IBM, Health Net, Unisys, EDS, Thomson MedStat, Omni, Delta Dental, several health plans, many California State departments, and many California counties. As a service company, we recognize that our employees are our product, so we strive to ensure that our employees are recognized for their contributions to the success of the company.

There are two main reasons I am involved in the academy. First, I believe that I have a personal responsibility to the Sacramento community. If people can benefit from my experiences, then I am providing value to the community. I am also involved in the Downtown Sacramento Rotary Club, and I am a Past President of the Sacramento Active 20-30 Club. The second reason for my involvement is that I find energy through exposure to young entrepreneurs and other board members. I can get caught in my tactical day-to-day responsibilities, and I value a creative environment where I can stretch my mind. The SEA board is the most talented, creative, giving, and energetic team you will find in Sacramento. I am very proud to associate with such a great group of people dedicated to the future of Sacramento.