James Goodchap

Brand Consultant/Designer, Goodchap Brand Identity

Email: James@goodchap.com
Web site: www.goodchap.com


James Goodchap was born in Wales, UK. He graduated BA (Honors) Graphic Design, Bristol University, England, and emigrated to the USA in 1991. He became a proud U.S. citizen in 2002, but still drives on the wrong side of the road.

On his second day in Sacramento, James registered his business, Goodchap Designs (now Goodchap Brand Identity). Equipped with the skills of a graphic designer, he set about building a client base and simultaneously acquiring, from the school of hard knocks, the skills of a business owner. Twenty years (and celebrating it!) later, his creative focus is in developing core brand identities.

Over the past several years, Goodchap has been purposefully working to improve our city’s image and identity by re-branding organizations such as the Historic Old Sacramento Foundation, the Sacramento Press Club, the Sacramento Entrepreneurship Academy, the Sacramento Downtown Partnership, and the Metropolitan Chamber of Commerce.

When James is not having fun with his three children — Jordan, Telor and Holly — he’s busy growing his new outdoor artwork venture . . . a combination of fine art, design and branding to beautify and enliven gardens, outdoor living and commercial spaces.

Goodchap has been a board member of the SEA since 1997. His principal roles in the Academy are to educate students about the value of brand image and how important it is to “look as good as you are.” He also chips in to keep the SEA’s identity current and assists students with concepts and production of the Spring Showcase, the culmination of their SEA education.