Sponsors and Friends

I’m very proud to be associated with SEA. SEA is a unique organization that is making important contributions to the future of our business community. My participation in SEA has been a wonderful opportunity to interact with and learn from its extremely motivated and entrepreneurial students as well as its talented and giving board members.

Chris Chediak
Weintraub Tobin Chediak Coleman Law Corporation

The academy is supported at three levels by FRIENDS, SPONSORS and UNDERWRITERS. These supporters enable the academy to offer a one-year intensive program to augment a student’s university education. The program provides a unique opportunity for class members to experience the day-to-day operations of entrepreneurial businesses and results in graduates that have acquired a bank of hands-on knowledge and are success-oriented.

Supporters experience enhanced public relations as companies that are dedicated to regional growth and promote economic development of the Sacramento region.


Friends support the academy with a $1,500 yearly donation.


Sponsors support the academy with a $3,000 yearly donation.


Underwriters support the academy with $5,000 or more in yearly donations or the equivalent of in-kind services.

There is also an opportunity to be a sponsor for the Annual Showcase Event.