Curriculum and Format

SEA provides hands-on experiences in a business ambiance that cannot be found in a classroom.

Vai Sagues
SEA class of 2006

The main component of the SEA program is the Saturday session or “business meeting.” Business meetings are held for four hours on Saturday mornings; fruit, muffins and beverages are arranged by the fellows and paid for by the Academy. There are two semesters to the Academy year, which are tailored to coincide with university scheduling. The fall semester is focused on “How to write a business plan.” The early part of the spring semester finishes up the major components of the business plan process. Fellows finish writing the business plans, submit the plans to the board, and present their ideas at a formal Business Plan Presentation Session. The remainder of the spring semester has more flexible scheduling, including topics of particular interest to the current class, and hearing the personal stories of seasoned business people. Lively fellow discussion and probing questions are encouraged!