Zemanta Related Posts ThumbnailThere are five areas in which it’s critical a young entrepreneur be continually improving in. How well your business startup is able to perform is directly related.
1) Confidence: Self confidence is an interesting thing, far too often the people with the MOST to offer undervalue themselves. Why the insecurity, Young Entrepreneur? Typically it’s because the type-A personality trait has such high standards. Clearly a good thing in driving you forward but at the same time, don’t let that type-A work against you.
REALIZE your value. Don’t undersell yourself or your business startup. Get a more realistic perspective on just how great you are by looking at all levels of your competition. Another example of a type-A stumbling block is only focusing on the ones better than you. Gain confidence and know that you ARE worth XXXX cost, know your value and keep improving on it.
2) Passion: Let passion drive you, use logic to keep you on track and focused. A young entrepreneur with a business startup should be pursuing their passion. Though, with creativity sometimes come ‘too’ many ideas can become a distraction. While there’s never such a thing as ‘too’ many ideas, we will clarify: getting off track and bouncing to the next idea before fully investing in the first.
Don’t let the excitement of an idea overflow distract you from accomplishing what you set out to do. Make a list to track your creative genius:
* ACTION: This category for the projects you need to be focused on right now and complete first.
* SUPPLEMENT: These ideas tend to be marketing related as ways to boost the effectivity of your action ideas. These can be done synonymously.
* LONG TERM: As the name implies.
* ONE DAY: For the items that fall under ‘there’s never a bad idea’.
3) Brevity: For efficiency purposes and the ability to hook potential clients/investors/connections on the fly, a young entrepreneur needs to master brevity. Our post HERE explains how to construct the perfect ‘elevator pitch’ to be used any time someone asks, “What do you do?”
Don’t lose your audience’s attention by rattling on or having a less than crystal clear answer. For productivity purposes, learn to fire off those emails and make your communications more effective by getting RIGHT to the point.
4) Cold Call: A young entrepreneur needs to have the confidence to pick up the phone (or email) and reach out. Connections are helpful but you can’t wait for them either, many incredibly profitable and long term relationships stem from a ‘cold’ introduction.
5) Network: With a business startup you can never have too many connections. It’s important to keep the old, build new, and nurture those relationships. Remember with connections it’s a two way street, don’t only get in touch with a person when YOU need something, make sure to check in with even a simple two or three sentence email with no ulterior motive.
Remember to help another person out if you have the means, and don’t always expect an immediate return. Selfless acts don’t go unnoticed and will be remembered. Worst case, a young entrepreneur can use all the positive karma they can take.
There you go. Five areas that a young entrepreneur should be continually improving upon. Pick one to work on TODAY!
Tweet us, Facebook post, or leave a comment for us with your answers:
1) Which of these is your weakest area?
2) In which of these areas are you the strongest?
3) How can you improve in each of them?

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business startup swagHuman nature makes us powerless to the allure of SWAG. As a young entrepreneur you’ve certainly experienced that yourself, you are human after all. How can you leverage the power of the SWAG to kick start your business startup and gain more of a following?
Running a Contest

Promotion for a business startup is like a bloody war, you’ve got to stand up amongst the rest, prove YOU are better than your competitors. Give people a reason to check you out; from there your product or service better be able to deliver. But the first step is getting the word out.
By hosting a contest tied to your business startup website, you can drive traffic to the site. Certainly everyone wants to win a prize, but the KEY to making your contest valuable to your business startup in the long term, is to expertly choose the prize, promote, and follow-up.
Exclusivity: To up the ante of the allure of a prize, tell people that it’s in limited quantities or exclusive to this event. People get more excited if they feel like they’re one of a few getting access to this special prize.
Partnered Prizes: If a young entrepreneur teams up with a sponsor they will have the added weight of a partner. This helps not only in adding more opportunities to win or a bigger prize pull, but also in helping to market your contest.
Choose wisely the sponsors your reach out to, you want any prizes to be directly related to your niche market. If you’re business startup is targeting pet owners, you may get some quick social media followers for a prize of a new computer but how many of them will become customers for dog food?
Promotion: Get to spreading the news about the contest for your business startup on all platforms: person-to-person, social media outlets, your own website, and other bloggers. Here is where if you do have sponsors they can help with this process. Rules of Twitter and social media apply here: tag and tweet your sponsors and they will naturally be retweeting and tweeting to their followers. More eyes, more interested parties.
Follow-Up: The goal of the contest was to spread awareness and get people SEEING your business startup. Now that you’re on their radar it’s your job to prove to them you deserve to STAY on that scope.
For a young entrepreneur with a business startup, marketing is of prime importance and an ongoing effort. There may only have been one winner in the contest but hopefully you got a lot more social media followers, newsletter subscribers, and traffic to your blog. In executing the contest for your business startup you should have planned on the kind of content you’ll be following up with.
Engage with those new social media followers, make your newsletters amazing, and effectively use content marketing on your blog and website. Don’t lose those new eyes, turn them into customers!
Tweet us, Facebook post, or leave a comment for us with your answers:
1) What is a contest you can run to spread the word about your business startup?
2) What will be your prize and who are some sponsors you may reach out to?
3) How will you promote your contest?
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creative brain businessEvery young entrepreneur is just waiting for THAT idea. That one that changes everything, the perfect solution to what your business startup was struggling with, THAT idea that is a catalyst for INNOVATION.
Much has been studied and written about regarding the science of creativity. Is it something that can be taught? Is it part of our make-up? It is just a rare talent that certain people are born with? Is there a way to MAKE ourselves more creative?
That last one, for a young entrepreneur with aspirations for a business startup, the ability to make oneself more creative is most fascination. Probably because it’s most applicable and thus enviable. YOU want to be the one who is the game-changer.
Whether you believe the key to creativity is in your genes or how you’re brain is just ‘luckily’ hard-wired, there are still proven ways to flex your creativity. Flex you creativity, you say, why yes. Think of creativity like a muscle, in order for any muscle to grow it must be worked.
Work That Creative Muscle
1) Train:
Marathoners run nearly every day, the laws of training are the same for anything and it hinges upon consistency. Train your creativity DAILY. Do something creative, be it writing, drawing, expressive dancing, sketch comedy…anything that gets you thinking out of the box and making yourself open to get free thought flowing. Schedule this time if you have to (I know, Young Entrepreneur, how ironic does it sound to say schedule time to be creative and free?!) and make a commitment to flex your creativity daily.
2) Practice Patience: If you feel awkward at first or not having much luck, still practice something because with consistency things get easier and will feel more natural. There will still be days you’re stuck in writer’s or artist’s block and when that happens don’t try to ‘force it’ and rather shift the goal of the day’s creative flex. Try writing instead of drawing, try using a different medium, come up with a different prompt/problem, etc. 
2) New Stimulus: A young entrepreneur will naturally reach out the creative outlet they’re best at. Skilled with a pen, naturally you’ll take to drawing. But training requires a new stimulus every now and again because the body and mind can start to stagnate and get stuck in a rut. Introducing something new will refresh you, get you working even more out of the box, and thinking on a new plane. So mix up the creative outlets you’re doing. 
3) Ban Negativity: Often times a young entrepreneur can get so hung up on waiting for THAT perfect idea that they wind up with nothing. Another trap is boeing so judgmental and critical of ideas that they turn it down before they even really ‘flesh’ that idea out. Here is where your creative time should be though of as a non-judgmental zone. It should feel liberating to just DO, don’t think, and see what flows out. You’ll be amazed sometimes how the most innovative business startup ideas come about from just DOING and even acting silly.
Certain young entrepreneurs may be born with a leg-up on the creative factor, but that doesn’t mean that anyone can improve upon and expand the amount of creativity they have. It means flexing that muscle and allowing it then grow stronger.
Tweet us, Facebook post, or leave a comment for us with your answers:
1) What is one way you flex your creativity?
2) How are you going to commit to doing free-thought and creative time daily?
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stressed business womanStress and business are like a dancing couple. Completely intertwined and no matter how fast the beat moves the two must keep up. For a young entrepreneur with a business startup, take the ‘normal’ amount of stress and exponentially quantify it. Start stepping fast, My Friend!
The problem with an exponential amount of stress is there’s a very fine line between keeping pace with your business startup and leaving you a crying puddle of goo hunkered in the corner. Stress and anxiety are making us sick, killing us even. Outside of the heart attacks, panic episodes, and more extreme situations, too much stress wrecks havoc in all other areas of your life.
* problems sleeping
* excessive fatigue
* concentration problems
* unhappiness and depression
* reduced energy resulting in less activity/exercise and reduced ability to perform and function during exercise
* addiction problem
Not to mention it sure as heck can do a number on the young entrepreneur, their family, friends, and pets. Too much stress certainly is a killjoy.
Limiting Stress

Unfortunately we’ve already established that the presence of stress and a business startup are intertwined. The amount of stress and anxiety an individual experiences fluctuates too. A few days of through the ROOF, we’ve got to hit this deadline type situations aren’t going to kill you IF you’re able to give your body a chance to recover between such situations. The hamster must get off the wheel to recharge at some point.
Of this we know and have heard. But there are other ways a young entrepreneur can reduce the amount of stress and anxiety they feel by changing their OWN perspective.
Yes, a lot of the stress and pressure we may be feeling is self-imposed. By shifting our OWN reaction and attitude toward stressful situations we can dramatically reduce the negative impact they have on ourselves, our health, and even our business startup.
Shifting Perspective
1) Identify.
Pinpoint why are you feeling stressed, anxious, and pressure. Now determine if you have any control over the situation.
2) Action. Make a list of every way you CAN make an impact on the situation to make it better for you. Do all you can to set yourself up for success.
3) Let go. Once you’ve done everything within your power, it’s time to disengage, distract, and shift your thoughts, time, energy, and emotions elsewhere to something you DO have control over.
Clearly letting go is much easier said that done, Young Entrepreneur. But once you’ve done everything you can, you can’t sit and stew cursing that the shipment from Australia, wishing it were at your feet rather than in the middle of the ocean. SHIFT that energy into a way that is productive for your business startup. That may mean calling customers, apologizing, and using other customer service techniques to keep their business.
Another large way a young entrepreneur can reduce the amount of stress they feel is by improving their conversational and communication skills. Many GIANT problems stem from a lack of proper communication or avoiding it all together. Confrontations are part of life and shouldn’t be feared; if you clearly express what you need, know what is expected of you, things tend to smooth along much easier.
A young entrepreneur can never ditch their tango partner of stress, they CAN however ensure their own feet are able to keep pace with the music and successfully run their business startup without turning into that crying pile of goo in the corner.
Tweet us, Facebook post, or leave a comment for us with your answers:
1) What is one way you can limit the amount of stress in your daily life?
2) What is one way you can improve your communication skills to reduce your stress?
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Being an entrepreneur means not waiting around letting your ideas be idle. Business connections and networking can present you with opportunities but the first step is getting OUT THERE.

business startup motivation

Bust through any doors, leave debris in your wake.

Define your GOALS not your limits.
owl with business startup motivation
For a young entrepreneur to make their business startup a success takes a recipe:

* creativity
* motivation
* courage
* help


Yes help. In order to put the other crucial ingredients together a young entrepreneur must have the REAL WORLD sense to employ that creativity.

That is where we can help.


We’re currently looking for Sacramento’s motivated and inspired business startup entrepreneurs for our 2015 class. Consider this crumbled door your invitation! ENROLL TODAY!!
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2) What is a risk you’re willing to take to pursue your dream?
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speaking with wordsPeople talk all the time; well, when they’re not texting that is. For an entrepreneur with a business startup, having exceptional speaking skills is a must. It’s important to master the different kinds of ways business professionals, and people in general, engage and interact through speech.
* Public Speaking: Many business startup entrepreneurs have learned to overcome their fear of speaking in public; it’s a necessity. Read our post filled with tips on overcoming that fear HERE and remember the key is to come off: confident, prepared, and informed on the topic. A lot of that comes from practice, practice, practice.
* Business Meetings: Language you use in business meetings can be similar to that of speaking in public: professional and informed. The difference is, you also want to exude a level of receptivity. If someone questions why you’re doing something a certain way, DO NOT get defensive. Be open to feedback and constructive criticism (it will only make you and your business startup better) and even in response to the harshest of criticism, “I appreciate your point of view, that’s something to consider.”
* Creative Brainstorming: No idea is too crazy to toss out there. Have you seen some of the business startup campaigns on Kickstarter lately? And they’re getting fully funded. In brainstorming it’s important to let everyone present feel COMFORTABLE speaking up and sharing. Do that by ensuring that the words you use as a young entrepreneur create an environment that’s not overly critical or judgmental. Even if the idea is off the wall, write it down (it’s only brainstorming after all) and be sure your group knows they should keep those ideas coming!
* ‘Small Talk’: An entrepreneur who downplays the importance of small talk is unwise. Think it’s a waste of time chatting about the weather? Well it depends on WHO you’re chatting with. Connections and relationships rule the business startup world, the only way to make those connections is to MEET people.
Turn a connection into a relationship by learning about the person on the other end of that conversation. Create a personal connection and you’re much more likely to find an alley for your business startup. If you find it hard to small talk, remember that a large part of it is LISTENING. Let the other person open up, start sharing, and you’d be surprised what you can learn. Remember those details and you can keep a relationship strong by following-up later with the person and asking how things are going…mention that little detail and you’ll have etched a lasting memory for them.
Even in our technologically obsessed times, a young entrepreneur needs to remember that there is GREAT power in the voice. Outside of touch (which can be a little too familiar in a business setting!) it’s the first and most intimate ways humans interact. Master how to use that voice, form connections, and your business startup will thrive.
Tweet us, Facebook post, or leave a comment for us with your answers:
1) What is one way you’ve improved your public speaking skills?
2) How do you brainstorm and what do your brainstorming sessions look like for you business startup?
3) What is one way small talk has turned into a powerful business connection for you?
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Speaking to you, Young Entrepreneur. Be remarkable.
motivational quote startup
Conquer your doubts and startup.
startup motivation qutoe
Build a future UNCONFINED.
startup motivational business quote
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1) Share a quote that motivates and inspires YOU.
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business social media tipsEvery young entrepreneur needs to have BIG goals, BIG dreams, BIG ideas. What they also need when at the onset of their business startup is patience and specificity. There’s a time to be big, but there are also a few times to be small.
1) Narrow Your Niche: Who is your brand speaking to? What is your audience, be as specific as possible. People > Women > Mothers > Runners > Beginning Runner
Define EXACTLY who you want to reach and tailer your message to that audience. Too many business startups and young entrepreneurs waste valuable time and resources marketing to too wide of an audience. The above example isn’t going to be doing much business Tweeting with a 90 year old chess champion. Though props to the 90 year old man for the social media skills!
2) Skinny Your Service: Be it product or service your business startup offers, don’t make the mistake of getting overly fancy at the onset. Stick to a QUALITY product that does one, two (a few if it’s a tech tool) things well, rather than doing a gazillion things poorly. For example, if you’re product is a new flashlight that can be powered by a bike (perfect for those nighttime cyclists) you don’t need to add a can-opener, coffee holder, eye-glasses clip, and magnet too. A little over-kill and more time wasted in getting your QUALITY product out there and rolling.
Certainly there is a time and place to expand your offerings, but establish your market and following first. That is best down with a narrower niche…see above.
3) Pare Down Your Social: Social media is certainly marketing gold for a business startup. Most of it can be done for free and can actually be fun, but the problem is when a young entrepreneur gets on EVERY social media site with the idea that more is always better. Get on everything and weakly be able to actually engage with an audience, and you’ll be defeating the purpose: interacting with your niche market.
Pick a few social media outlets for your business startup, go with the heaviest hitters (ie: Twitter, Facebook, Instagram), and learn the way each one operates. You’re better off REALLY managing one social media platform, say Twitter, than casting too wide a net and reaching no one. The world of social media moves so fast that if you’re not speaking and sharing on the daily you’re going to be buried.
4) Don’t Discount Local: A business startup can thrive online today but that doesn’t mean a young entrepreneur should live in a bubble. Get out and actually MEET your niche market, go to local events, connect with other local entrepreneurs and businesses, and network. Networking with your local community not only opens you up to customers but business connections too.
You’ll find that people are in fact very local business startup friendly, heck startup friendly…look at crowd-funding! So don’t overlook the market that’s at your cross-street.
From there keep dreaming and daring in a BIG way and your business startup can reach those BIG goals!

Tweet us, Facebook post, or leave a comment for us with your answers:
1) What is another time when it’s better to think smaller than big in the world of business startup?
2) What social media platforms are you using and why?
3) What is one local event that you and your business startup could benefit in getting involved with?
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Poor marketing has killed off many a startup business. Don’t let even the moset innovative IDEA go to waste because your startup was unable to properly market.

Check out our infographic for four KEY marketing tips to successfully launch your business startup:
[click to enlarge]

four business marketing tips infographic
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1) What’s been one of your best marketing moves?

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Without risk there is no reward.

business startup motivation take leap

Without passion to create there’s no sense in dreaming.

entrepreneurship motivational quote

Without movement forward and growth there is no progress.

business startup inspiration quote
An entrepreneur must dare to risk, never stop dreaming, and ALWAYS push themselves to grow.

More Business Startup Motivation HERE

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