Sacramento Entrepreneurship Academy Announces $47,500 in Available Scholarships

Sacramento, California (May 10, 2012) – The Sacramento Entrepreneurship Academy (SEA), a Sacramento-based non-profit organization offering an entrepreneurial fellowship program, today announced it will fund $47,500 in scholarships for up to 25 entrepreneurial fellows in its 2012-2013 class. Under this scholarship program, the 25 fellows pay $500 to participate in the 8-month long entrepreneurship program and for access to SEA graduates and board members. The SEA fellowship program offers a rolling admission; the first 25 admitted fellows will be offered the scholarship for the 2012-2013 program. Historically, the class has been filled by July 31, even though applications may be turned in through August.

“The invaluable investment in training and mentoring regional entrepreneurs has been closely managed over the last three years, at $2,400 per fellow,” said John Walter, SEA president. “Through their donations and fundraising efforts, the SEA Board of Directors has galvanized its intent to keep its hands-on entrepreneurial program affordable to all selected candidates.”

Since 1986, more than 500 aspiring entrepreneurs have graduated from the SEA. “The Academy acutely focuses on encouraging entrepreneurs to replicate themselves by helping others start new businesses,” said Walter. “This investment by the SEA Board to keeping costs affordable ensures that the program is available to anyone with a dream to run a business, including aspiring intrepreneurs inside existing companies.”


About the SEA

The Sacramento Entrepreneurship Academy provides new and would-be entrepreneurs with a hands-on, mentored fellowship and access to a network of support from local business leaders. Fellows range from undergraduate and graduate students to full-time professionals. Regional entrepreneurs devote their time and financial resources to help others leapfrog avoidable mistakes and catalyze the development of high-growth, entrepreneurial companies in the Capital Region. Learn more at


John Walter, SEA President,, 530/564-0396