3 Steps to Reducing Your Stress: Running your business startup while retaining sanity

stressed business womanStress and business are like a dancing couple. Completely intertwined and no matter how fast the beat moves the two must keep up. For a young entrepreneur with a business startup, take the ‘normal’ amount of stress and exponentially quantify it. Start stepping fast, My Friend!
The problem with an exponential amount of stress is there’s a very fine line between keeping pace with your business startup and leaving you a crying puddle of goo hunkered in the corner. Stress and anxiety are making us sick, killing us even. Outside of the heart attacks, panic episodes, and more extreme situations, too much stress wrecks havoc in all other areas of your life.
* problems sleeping
* excessive fatigue
* concentration problems
* unhappiness and depression
* reduced energy resulting in less activity/exercise and reduced ability to perform and function during exercise
* addiction problem
Not to mention it sure as heck can do a number on the young entrepreneur, their family, friends, and pets. Too much stress certainly is a killjoy.
Limiting Stress

Unfortunately we’ve already established that the presence of stress and a business startup are intertwined. The amount of stress and anxiety an individual experiences fluctuates too. A few days of through the ROOF, we’ve got to hit this deadline type situations aren’t going to kill you IF you’re able to give your body a chance to recover between such situations. The hamster must get off the wheel to recharge at some point.
Of this we know and have heard. But there are other ways a young entrepreneur can reduce the amount of stress and anxiety they feel by changing their OWN perspective.
Yes, a lot of the stress and pressure we may be feeling is self-imposed. By shifting our OWN reaction and attitude toward stressful situations we can dramatically reduce the negative impact they have on ourselves, our health, and even our business startup.
Shifting Perspective
1) Identify.
Pinpoint why are you feeling stressed, anxious, and pressure. Now determine if you have any control over the situation.
2) Action. Make a list of every way you CAN make an impact on the situation to make it better for you. Do all you can to set yourself up for success.
3) Let go. Once you’ve done everything within your power, it’s time to disengage, distract, and shift your thoughts, time, energy, and emotions elsewhere to something you DO have control over.
Clearly letting go is much easier said that done, Young Entrepreneur. But once you’ve done everything you can, you can’t sit and stew cursing that the shipment from Australia, wishing it were at your feet rather than in the middle of the ocean. SHIFT that energy into a way that is productive for your business startup. That may mean calling customers, apologizing, and using other customer service techniques to keep their business.
Another large way a young entrepreneur can reduce the amount of stress they feel is by improving their conversational and communication skills. Many GIANT problems stem from a lack of proper communication or avoiding it all together. Confrontations are part of life and shouldn’t be feared; if you clearly express what you need, know what is expected of you, things tend to smooth along much easier.
A young entrepreneur can never ditch their tango partner of stress, they CAN however ensure their own feet are able to keep pace with the music and successfully run their business startup without turning into that crying pile of goo in the corner.
Tweet us, Facebook post, or leave a comment for us with your answers:
1) What is one way you can limit the amount of stress in your daily life?
2) What is one way you can improve your communication skills to reduce your stress?
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