Are You Ready to Launch? The young entrepreneur and the delicate issue of timing

business startup launchTiming is everything for a young entrepreneur. Not enough of it, eking every second out of the day, mastering productivity, knowing WHEN the timing is perfect.
That one. When is it right right time to launch your business startup? To pull back the red curtains and scream at the top of your lungs, “Voila!” A young entrepreneur works painstakingly for months (sometimes years) taking their business startup from idea, polishing it, getting logistics squared away. Knowing when to launch is a delicate balance between having done enough planning and not getting hung-up on details that will only waste your time.
Faking It – Appear ‘bigger’ than you are

You’re a young entrepreneur with a business startup…keyword startup. You’re probably not vast in numbers, your client list is in the building phase, and your products don’t have many reviews to speak of. It’s a chicken and egg thing, you need to be more established to earn those credits and sometimes it FEELS like in order to get those big clients and stellar product placements you’ve got to already be established.
There’s a trick: you fake it. What? Confidence is key for the young entrepreneur and with your business startup you need to know you BELONG in the game. When you approach new clients, call investors, meet with marketers you’ve got to act like you OWN the place. That YOU HAVE exactly what they need. That’s often easy in today’s online market; appearances count, make everything your brand puts out there shine like the moon and no one’s going to be the wiser that you’re sitting in an office with a laptop propped on a cardboard box.
All that said you can’t fake anything if you don’t appear legit.
Signs it’s Too Early
* Website Missing Holes:
If your URL directs to an ‘under construction’ page you’re dead in the water. First impressions count a lot, if a person gives you a first chance and sees nothing, they’re not likely to waste time for a second look. Lost customer. Get your website set up with the basics: great home page, page about the business startup, a contact page, and what you’re selling or offering.
* No Tweets?: You don’t HAVE to be on social media, but you should be these days. Get accounts on the social media outlets you’ll be utilizing for your business startup and link everything to your website. Let people know WHERE to find you on social media, then you better start putting some fresh content up on those!
* No Customer Feedback: You need to make sure that when you do launch your business startup you’re a wise enough young entrepreneur to know your target market. Have you done enough market research, asked for feedback on your product or service, USED that feedback to tweak and improve your business startup’s offering? If the launch is your very first poll of the market, you could, once again, be dead in the water.
Signs You’re Stalling
Every young entrepreneur is oft a perfectionist. Details DO count, but not all of them equally. There’s a difference between wanting to provide unique, creative, quality through your business and wasting precious time. Aim for a high standard of quality but not perfection. At a certain point a young entrepreneur just needs to jump off the cliff and launch their business startup. The beautiful thing is innovative business is a journey, a process.
Ideally you’ll look back at the launch of your business startup and be proud you took the leap BUT also able to laugh a bit because, Young Entrepreneur, you’re only going to be improving from here. The product or service you’re giving today SHOULD be better years down the road…the catch is, a young entrepreneur will never reach that point if they never LAUNCH that business startup.
Tweet us, Facebook post, or leave a comment for us with your answers:
1) What is another sign that it’s too early to launch your business startup?
2) What is one detail that you can admit you need to LET GO of, it’s only wasting your time?
3) How will you ‘fake it’ when necessary to put yourself out there and in the game?
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