3 Ways to Get Business Cards Working FOR You, NOW

unique business cardWho knew the secret to building your business startup stronger could be staring at you from your desk? The business cards a young entrepreneur have can be powerful leveraging tools; they are keys to expert networking, marketing, and could be working to make your business connections stronger.
If a young entrepreneur has overlooked just how valuable the business card is for business startup success, we’ve got three ways to get those business cards WORKING for you:
1) Be Unique: A young entrepreneur with a business startup needs to SCREAM unique. Grabbing attention is imperative go gain traction for your brand and build that momentum. Being bold and DIFFERENT applies to everything, your business cards included. Think of the zillion business cards people see on the daily, find a creative way to make yours stand out, be it color, shape, cut-out, funny message, etc. Don’t discount the value of details, if your business card gives someone reason to PAUSE and think, “Wow…cool!” You’ve won a battle.
2) Networking Cheat-sheet: We’ve long talked about the importance of networking for the young entrepreneur, well it can be difficult keeping track of all those stats: name, business, interests, expertise, etc. The answer can lie in one obvious place: ask for their business card (you probably already did that) and the SEDOND that person walks away jot down three things about them, more if you can. The more ‘small details’ you can recall later about the person the better; if you send them an email a week later asking how their pre-schooler’s graduation went you’ll win MAJOR brownie points!
3) Can I Help You? In that little game of business card trivial pursuit, a young entrepreneur should also think of ways to offer any assistance to that person. If you’ve got a tip: share it, feedback or advice: give freely, or put them in touch with someone you think can help them. Share those connections, share that helping hand and it’s more than just good karma that can come back to you. Today’s business world is all about connections and the more young entrepreneurs willing to selflessly help each other out will foster innovation. It’s the circle of good business, we suppose. 😉
Turns out paper is more powerful than rock. Harness the power of that stack of business cards accumulating on your desk, Young Entrepreneur, and propel your business startup to success!
Tweet us, Facebook post, or leave a comment for us with your answers:
1) What is one way you make your business cards unique?
2) How is one way you use business cards you receive to your favor?
3) When is the last time you selflessly helped a fellow young entrepreneur out?
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