The Case Against New Year’s Resolutions: Respect the goals you set for a business startup and the hard work they will demand

new year resolutionsWell, Young Entrepreneur, the end of 2013 is fast approaching and we all know what that means: New Year’s Resolutions are spewing out in full force. As anyone with a business startup can attest, goal setting is mandatory and often times making those goals public ups the ante, making you even more accountable to those goals.
We’re HUGE proponents for writing black and white goals, mini-goals as benchmarks enroute to your bigger goals. We also believe in lists; to-do lists make a young entrepreneur more focused and productive. What we’re not 100% sold on are the typical New Year’s Resolution type goals. Let us clarify.
Everyone has read the stats: most New Year’s Resolutions don’t last past January. These goals, made in reckless haste by people hopped-up on holiday cheer and in moments when the dreamer spirit overcomes them, THESE goals aren’t really goals. What they are, Young Entrepreneur, are fantasies.
Ever watched the Olympics? The buzz, the hype, the excitement, the motivational stories, the epic tales of triumph…one would be hard pressed NOT to want to become a professional athlete. For THEMSELVES to stand atop that medal podium, single tear running down their cheek, National Anthem in the background…the perfect snapshot for their Instagram background.
Is that ever going to be the reality for most everyone watching the Olympics? No. But entertaining that dream sure is fun, isn’t it? Properly channeled, those Olympic moments CAN motivate others to reach for their own bests, regardless of a Gold Medal or not, striving to achieve YOUR best is both rewarding and will set you on a journey rich certain to enrich your life.
The difference between the Instagram dreamers and the ones who get the REWARDS is knowing one simple truth:
It takes work. A LOT.
Bettering oneself isn’t easy. It takes pushing outside your comfort zone, self-motivation up the wazoo, and there will be plenty of times when you could cop out and not give it your all, give up even. This is true with a business startup just as it is in training for the Olympics. The easy days are the big races, where you stand atop that podium, but they make up .1% of it all. The rest of the days, the miles logged going unnoticed by anyone, the hard workouts where only YOU and a stopwatch are holding you accountable, the races where you lose…THAT is the majority, and that is the reality.
A young entrepreneur with a business startup can’t only work when their motivational cup runneth over, when they’re holding the HUGE check cut by some financial megaforce. It are the days, weeks, months, years of tedious, steadfast, work that is the reality and is also the only way to reach that ‘ideal’, that dream.
Thankfully, for a young entrepreneur with a business startup, you have the ability to choose your platform; pursue something that is your true passion so all of that work doesn’t feel like work. You’ll be far more self-motivated if you’re doing what you love. All of those Olympic athletes, at the end of the day, have a passion for the sport in which they train.
Goals are not to be set in haste; they are to be boldly etched when one knows FULL WELL it will take work to reach those goals. Be jolly, be merry, get hopped-up on holiday spirit as we enter into the New Year. But, young entrepreneur, know two things:
1) You don’t need a New Year to set a goal.
2) A business startup is a special goal, cherish it, nurture it, keep it sacred…ultimately respect it because undertaking such a goal will take more out of you than you even realize.
Living the life of a young entrepreneur with a business startup is WORTH IT, but it sure will make you work for it!
Tweet us, Facebook post, or leave a comment for us with your answers:
1) What are your thoughts on New Year’s Resolutions?
2) Do you make any resolutions? If you have in the past, how well have you done in sticking to them?
3) What is one goal you know full well what the work will entail and you’re willing to dedication yourself to it?
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