Create a Comfortable Environment for Constructive Criticism and Make Your Business Startup a Success

listen to feedback

Close your mouth, open your ears.

The ability to receive and really UTILIZE constrictive criticism is a wildly important tool for any young entrepreneur. The problem is that too many people say, and may even fool themselves into believing, that can handle constructive criticism, when they can’t. Get over any bruised egos and use all that feedback, positive AND negative, to turn your business startup into a thriving success.
Shut Up and Listen

The first roadblock a young entrepreneur can put up in receiving constructive criticism happens two seconds after the other person points out a shortcoming. Going straight to defensive mode a young entrepreneur may cut them off, “Yea, okay, but it can do XYZ” or “No, that’s not quite right, you see…”
Put the interests of your business startup first and try this:

1) Ask for an honest assessment
2) Force your mouth shut for at LEAST a couple of minutes and let the other person get all of their thoughts out.
In doing this you accomplish a few things:
* Tune In:
When you’re talking you’re not listening to your fullest degree. When receiving constructive criticism from a valued source, a young entrepreneur should focus on their ears and not their mouth. REALLY listen to what the other person has to say.
* Prove Receptive: When a young entrepreneur closes their mouth and allows the respondent airspace to fully voice what they have to say, it puts the person you are asking at ease. Human nature is that people like to feel heard; simply being quite and showing attentiveness make the other person much more open to giving you their honest opinion.
* Create Trust: Once a young entrepreneur has put their resource at ease and started listening, trust is formed. Even this short interaction can create a valuable bond in the present but also going forward; when someone recognizes that a young entrepreneur REALLY is open to feedback, respect is often accompanied and the person giving constructive criticism will be more invested in wanting to see the other succeed. When a young entrepreneur shows they are mature enough to handle critiques and then follow that up by working to improve, it makes others want to help them. Show you truly want to get better and the people you go to for feedback feel they have something to offer you: a way to get better. Feeling like a valued resource feels good, and it gives them an invested interest in watching your business startup succeed. You can later go back to them once you’ve improved and they will be much more likely to give you their honest opinions again…and so creates a cycle.
* Open a Dialogue: When you do start talking ask the right kind of questions. Ask for any further clarifications if you didn’t understand a specific detail they pointed out. Ask this source if they have any pointers or advice for improving the skill/item/detail that shows room for growth.
* Growth: The bottom line is that no young entrepreneur, or person for that matter, is perfect. Everyone has room for growth and to get the best from yourself and to make your business startup its best, a young entrepreneur should have a voracious appetite for feedback of all kinds. Especially constructive criticism because THAT will push you.
That pushing may be a brutally hard process, growth is never easy; but quite frankly, when a young entrepreneur asks for feedback they should be MOST interested to hear it in the most brutal form. Brutal honesty makes for a much better business startup.
Tweet us, Facebook post, or leave a comment for us with your answers:
1) How often do you ask for constructive criticism?
2) How do you ensure you are able to really hear and then utilize that feedback?
3) In giving feedback, what are some things that the asker can do to make you feel more willing to give thoughtful, honest advice?
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