Talk WITH Me: What inbound marketing means to the young entrepreneur and why it’s all good news

online marketingIn the era of the young entrepreneur, the most successful marketing strategy for a business startup is one that engages WITH the customer. Today’s thriving businesses have opened up the lines of communication, broached the line between seller and buyer. Thus, these companies have enabled themselves to give their customers BETTER products which are tailored to fit their needs. This shift all comes as good news to the young entrepreneur.
Why is a communicative business startup marketing strategy vastly more conducive to entrepreneurialism? Because it actually spurs along innovation and creative thought for a young entrepreneur. On a two-way street, you don’t have to guess what the needs and desires are of your target customer base, you can simply ask them. Inbound marketing allows for direct customer feedback and review. It also offers a young entrepreneur no shortage of inspiration; you’re hearing what customers think, like, dislike, and where the gaps lie between current reality and what is waiting to innovate.
Oh, did we mention that this communicative, inbound marketing strategy is cheaper too? Relying on this highly-digital method is 62% cheaper than previous methods: buying radio and television ads spots, print ads, fliers, billboards, etc. A young entrepreneur reaching out to the customers for their business startup by ways of the internet have also proven more effective for that price spent. The cost per lead for a viral marketing approach is 60% lower.
What is refreshing for the ‘nice’ young entrepreneur, is that this inbound boom in marketing has created an environment rich in transparency, honesty, and a higher receptivity rate. Treat your customers with respect and you’ve got loyalty. The ability for a customer to openly engage with the young entrepreneur heading that business startup establishes a different kind of bond than the non-bond of the customer turning on the TV and watching an ad. Watching a commercial, the customer is feeling talked AT rather than WITH. A customer is far less likely to tune-out and ignore what is a back-and-forth dialogue, you’ve connected.
Let’s also not ignore the obvious here, how many people actually watch the ads run on live TV? Or watch live TV at all? Across the US, 42% of people have DVR sets to move past the commercials and with the average 13-24 year old spending 13.7 hours online, no doubt some of that time is watching their shows there. All that time online is more good news for a young entrepreneur with a business startup, because it means your customers can actually come and speak TO you…if you’re listening, that is.
Along with social media, blogs took the internet by storm back in 2006 when they surpassed the 50 million mark. Jump to current and those blogs comprise not just customers but the actual business startups; in 2012, 46% of customers are brought in from a company’s own blog. The target market for your business startup wants to hear what you, the young entrepreneur, and your company has to say. Second behind that, a Facebook accounts for 44% of customer business leads.
Facts and figures aside here, a young entrepreneur can feasibly put their customers to work while marketing to them. Open that dialogue between business startup (seller) and buyer and you’re getting: free feedback, free reviews of your competitors, free ideas on the gap between current offerings and demands for a business startup.
By nature, humans have an innate desire to be heard, just listened to. If a young entrepreneur and business startup gives that ear, they’ve already filled one of their customers’ needs.
Tweet us, Facebook post, or leave a comment for us with your answers:
1) How has the shift from talking AT customers to talking WITH them effected your business marketing strategy?
2) How do you interact or find yourself receptive to the marketing strategies of the companies you buy from?
3) What social media outlets does your business startup have? Do you have a company blog?
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