How a Young Entrepreneur Takes Care of Their Body Translates To Business Success

sleep is goodOne could argue that the greatest asset to a young entrepreneur is their mind. There is plenty logic and reasoning to back that up, innovative ideas and creativity for their business startup come from the mind. Once that business startup transforms into a thriving business, a young entrepreneur relies on their mind to make the tough decisions to continue to propel their work forward.
And yet, the mind of a young entrepreneur is nothing without the entire vehicle supporting it. The physical and the intellectual are intrinsically linked and how a young entrepreneur takes care of THEMSELVES parlays into their ability to take care of their business startup.
Our last post highlighted some traits of bona-fide extraordinary geniuses. Any young entrepreneur would want to adopt some of those habits to boost their own IQ’s and in turn their business startup. However, studies have also told us that there are some marked bad habits of those with the highest IQ levels: higher tendency to use drugs and over-indulge in alcohol, poor sleep patterns, extremely high anxiety, and higher rates of depression.
The mind of a young entrepreneur is a beautiful thing, in order to function at its best that same young entrepreneur must preserve the entire body.
Get Your Zzzz’s
The study of geniuses told us of poor sleep patterns; interestingly enough, THAT alone is often a cause for anxiety, stress, and potentially depression. That should prove to any young entrepreneur just how vital getting enough sleep is to their health, mood, and mind. The problem arises when, the same creative thoughts and intellect (as is the case with innovative geniuses), can’t power-down. The brain doesn’t have a turn-off switch. Not being able to get to sleep due to a manic mind becomes the issue.
For a young entrepreneur launching a business startup, there is much to cram into each day. Though, make a conscious effort to aim for 8 hours a night of sleep. It’s harder to turn-off your ideas and thoughts when your brain is stimulated; so, an hour before you need to go to bed begin powering-down all things that cause brain activity. This includes your phone, computer, television, and most work related matters that cause you to think. If a young entrepreneur thinks of this time as a ‘waste’ think of it this way: you will be more cumulatively productive and better energized if you’re NOT overly-anxious, sleep-deprived, or depressed.
Get Physical
Don’t worry, no young entrepreneur has to bust out neon lycra; but, being physically fit and active boosts mental capacities as well. Aim for at least 30 minutes of exercise a day, and we’re talking true exercise that makes you sweat and work. Exercise releases endorphins which will put you in a better mood, give you more energy throughout the day, AND it’s even proven to help a young entrepreneur bust out of a creative block or rut. Take a mid-day gym break and when you come back to your business startup you could come up with the solution to the problem you’ve been struggling with.
Get Your Protein and Veggies
How a young entrepreneur fuels their body will translate into how their mind is able to fuel their business startup. Get enough protein in your diet, as it helps build muscle, recover, and re-store your body, it will also make you feel fuller for longer after you eat. Omega 3 fatty acids, like those found in avocado, salmon, and other seafood, boost brain development. The antioxidants and micronutrients found in fruits and vegetables also play key roles in overall health and all functions of the body, the brain of a young entrepreneur included. Also, don’t go too long without eating, a famished brain isn’t functioning at it’s highest capacity.
A young entrepreneur who demands the most creativity and innovative strategies from their brain to launch their business startup must preserver the vehicle…the entire body.
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1) Do you struggle with falling to sleep at night? What are some things you’ve tried to help?
2) How do you ‘get physical’ and include exercise into your days?
3) What have you done to make a conscious effort to improve how you fuel your body?
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