Mastering Your Memory: Bringing order to the creative minds of young entrepreneurs

busy brainThe mind of a young entrepreneur is a bit like a labyrinth. There are a million different passageways with ideas and thoughts blitzing through them, each on various levels of importance. How can a young entrepreneur separate the idea that could propel them to business startup success from the one reminding them when to pick up their dry-cleaning? Namely, how can one keep track of all those ideas whizzing by, remember them, and ensure that something incredibly important doesn’t slip through the cracks?

The mind and memory of a young entrepreneur is their greatest asset; you can’t quite teach ingenuity and some are just hard-wired to spur innovation. At the same time, science has taught us that those left brain thinkers may have a tricky time remembering, storing, and recalling those one-of-a-kind ideas. Thankfully for your business startup, the brain can be conditioned and even the most highly trafficked idea thoroughfares can be controlled.

Fast Company touched on the topic of memory HERE and raised some interesting points. For a young entrepreneur to begin improving their own memory they first need to tune into how their own brain and thought patterns are uniquely hard-wired.

Identify Your Learning Method: Are you the kind of young entrepreneur that needs to SEE how something is done in order to learn how to replicate, do you need to HEAR it being told to you, do you have to DO it, do you have to WRITE it down and READ it? Everyone learns differently so identify what resonates with you; this means that if you’re the kind of person who is an audio learner carrying a recording device or using your phone’s tool can help. When you have an idea or important fact you’ll want to recall later: say it, replay it, remember it. Similarly, those who are visual learners or of the bodily kinesthetic ilk, the actual process of writing down the fact is instrumental in memory recall. Sometimes you won’t even wind up needing to reread the note because the process of writing it was enough; the brain stored the information.

Structure and Patterns: Bringing order to a fast-moving brain helps control the chaos, set up a system to create that structure. Getting back to our writing example, have a notepad with colored dividers; pages for business startup ideas, a section denoted to marketing and strategy, a section for personal engagements (ex: that laundry), etc. A young entrepreneur will always have ideas that are more abstract or not necessarily something that can be utilized at current, so keep a section for ‘to come back to’ in the future.

Patterns help because eventually the brain of a young entrepreneur will become conditioned to a particular habit. This helps one remember more day-to-day things; it helps organize your office and workspace too. A business startup will thrive under this structure because it works to ensure important meetings, paperwork, and files aren’t misplaced or overlooked. A young entrepreneur tends to be more efficient if they create a routine for their day: write a to-do list first thing, respond to important emails, return calls, etc. Similar to your colored notepad email settings can include color codings so you can flag them accordingly so as not to overlook highly important ones.

Prioritize: Memory recall is interesting as is inspiration, it can hit anywhere and you can spend forever wracking your brain trying to remember something to no avail then wake-up in the middle of the night with that AHA moment. For a young entrepreneur with a highly trafficked brain, being able to rate the importance of your thoughts and what is worth remembering can help. It is annoying if you can’t remember the name of a particular actor but it’s not the end of the world if you don’t; learn what is worth channelling energy into storing and what isn’t. Think of it like a hard-drive, make room for the essentials. Then, go back to tips 1 and 2 and make sure you keep those essentials properly filed and on-hand so you can ensure to remember them later!

In the labyrinth that is the highly creative young entrepreneur brain, don’t let the idea that holds the potential to make YOU the next great innovator slip through the cracks; set up some traffic control and remember that idea!

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1) What is your style of learning?
2) What are some ways you set up structure or patterns to help you remember important things or control all those incoming thoughts?
3) How do you establish a prioritizing systems for all of your thoughts and items you must remember?

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