Marketing Your Business Startup Part I: Create a stunning brand worth staying loyal to

fireworksAn idea is the first place a young entrepreneur naturally starts on their road to business startup success. That is, after all, the spark that ignites the fire. But to stoke that fire and keep it alive, that is where business planning, strategy, and the rest of the work really starts. With any idea a young entrepreneur has, one must consider WHO this business startup is trying to reach.

The marketing of a young entrepreneur’s business startup means immersing themselves in the CULTURE of their niche market. Seeing them as people, thinking how they think, then creating a brand that your target people are attracted to. You see how we used the term PEOPLE rather than customers; we’re sticking with the term because it’s important that, even as a young entrepreneur, you see your market as people first and customers second.

Establishing this word choice may seem insignificant in the grand scheme of your business startup, but it’s the first step it identifying with your people. How you develop and define your business’s brand is crucial, especially at the onset. A young entrepreneur’s brand must:

1) Attract: There are no shortage of products, services, ideas and business startups flooding your target fan-base. As a young entrepreneur you want YOUR idea to stand above the rest…think of this as the shock factor. Literally STUN your audience to DEMAND their attention by showing them something new, unique, different, and namely better than anything they’ve seen before. This ‘stunning’ is usually something visual, auditory, or sense-related…the first point of contact for how humans interact and perceive the world is through their senses. Here is an example of why the logo and name of your business startup are so important.

2) Intrigue: Once stunned, in order to HOLD the attention of your target fan-base, your business startup must be able to deliver. A firework catches your eye but if there isn’t anything more coming the audience’s attention drifts elsewhere. This is why a young entrepreneur’s idea must actually be something worth taking a closer look at by truly delivering something new and better than what’s already out there.

3) Connect: Once stunned, once intrigued and interested in learning more, your target fan-base must CONNECT with your product, service, and brand. This is why a young entrepreneur must do their research and taken the time to immerse themselves in the culture of the very people their business startup is catering to.

4) Trust and Loyalty: If a young entrepreneur has been able to captivate their audience and at least get them willing to try their business’s brand, that’s big. But to gain their target fan-base’s trust and build a relationship with them, that takes time. In order to have true customer people loyalty the brand of your business startup must be trust worthy. Market something that YOU would actually want to use and buy. Think with your customer people in mind first, be genuine, be responsive as their needs change or evolve, and get continual feedback from your customer people.

Any kind of lasting relationship is built on trust. You, as a young entrepreneur with an awe-inspiring and stunning business startup idea, must still build around the basics of human nature. As, after all, your customers are people first.

This is part of a series; in our next post we will detail ways to think like your customers* people and ways to get more attuned to your target fan-base.

Tweet us, Facebook post, or leave a comment for us with your answers:

1) How do you plan to STUN your target audience with your business startup idea?

2) What does your business startup have to deliver to follow-up on that and intrigue your market?

3) How are you making your business startup and your brand trustworthy and capable of establishing lasting relationships with your fan-base?

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